What Attracts Burglars to Homes?

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What Attracts Burglars to Homes?

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This is something I think everyone has thought of once or twice, especially if you’ve had a burglar break into your home. If you haven’t, have you ever wondered if someone might be looking at your stuff or your home thinking “Wow, I wonder what I could get from them”?

It’s an eery subject, but there are the select few who find joy in taking what others have. So you might ask, what drew them here or what could they be seeking? For starters, a lot of burglars look for electronics, jewelry or other valuables that are hard to track but easy to sell on the street or easy to get rid of at the local pawn shops.

As silly as it sounds, taking things that can be tracked down that may be more valuable might stick in your home if you have TVs, DVD players, or other items that are always being sold. Another attractive feature to someone may be the lack of security in your home. If you have no alarm system or video cameras you’re automatically an easier target, as well as having multiple doors or entry points to your house.

If a burglar has been scoping out your house or apartment and notices that your schedule is all over the place and multiple people live there, they may be less likely to break in. This uncertain pattern means they have a good chance of being caught. Sticking to someone with a pretty solid schedule seems to be an easier target.

There’s also always a benefit to having a big noisy dog, while smaller dogs may be loud bigger ones seem to show unwanted guests to stay away. If you do have a solid schedule, maybe try tricks to make someone think that you’re home! Leaving the tv and lights on may not be the most economical decision, but it can give the illusion that someone is inside the house and throw others off.

Another nice trick is, if you live in a busy neighborhood, keep your blinds open to the main room in the house and keep your bushes and trees trimmed so your neighbors can see in. If you maintain a solid relationship with those surrounding you, they may be able to spot if someone is in your house and be able to call authorities! Keeping cash and other valuable things locked up if they are staying behind while you are out is another great way to try to make your house less of a target.