Making Your Business “Crime-Free”

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March 23, 2018
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May 28, 2018
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Making Your Business “Crime-Free”

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It may seem unbelievable, but burglaries happen every 10 seconds in America, with only one in six resulting in an arrest. Burglaries are doubling by the year in the United States, and burglars are becoming braver than they used to be – often striking in the same place more than once. Here are some steps you can take to help make sure your business isn’t next on the hit list.

  1. Install a reliable lock system. If the lock(s) is sturdy, an intruder will have to work harder than usual to get inside. One of the best options when it comes to locks is the pin cylinder, which is extremely difficult to pick open. No matter your preference, your doors should be locked with a deadbolt type of lock that utilizes either a key or a knob to set. A double cylinder lock is effective too, as it requires a key from either side in order to be opened; this means that if they pick their way in, they’ll have to stop and pick their way out. Of course, the old technique of installing bars over windows, skylights, and various other openings also creates a hassle for burglars.
  2. Do an inventory of your keys. Keep a record of how many keys you have and who has a copy. It may be best for employees to turn in their keys at the end of each day, while you keep the master key for the outside doors and offices located inside.
  3. Ring the alarm. A burglar’s worst nightmare is an alarm system, especially a noisy one. However, the silent central station alarm provides the best protection. When alarmed, this notifies a private protection agency or the local police without letting the burglar know an alarm has been activated. You could, of course, use a traditional alarm and hope the noise scares away the intruder. It is better to have an alarm than no alarm at all!
  4. Install spotlights. Leaving lights turned on inside and outside helps keep burglars away. Make sure your entrance locations, windows, and areas with large vents are well lit. Leave enough lighting on inside so someone can be easily spotted from the outside if they gain access to the business.
  5. Protect your safe. You can bolt the safe to the building or place it up front so any suspicious activity will be spotted by police riding by during the night. You can also empty the safe each night, choosing to deposit the money into the bank before they close. Should you want to leave the money, invest in a silent alarm.
  6. For display windows, use special glass. Heavy metal window screens and doorway gratings protect display cases from being broken or shattered. Burglar resistant glass, which is plastic located between two sheets of glass, prevents unwanted access to displays as well as your building. While it can eventually break, it takes a continuous pounding to do so.
  7. Use common sense. Make sure all windows are closed and locked each night, make sure all keys are accounted for and are not left lying around anywhere outside of the building, double check the doors and make sure they’re locked before you leave.

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