How To Perform A Home Security Check

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May 11, 2020
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How To Perform A Home Security Check

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How To Perform A Home Security Check

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the safety of your house. It is something that you have control over too. Rather than sit around and worrying about whether your home is secure or not, why not consider doing a full home security check yourself?

That way, you can rest easy at night with the knowledge that your house and the people you love the most are fully secure. Here are a few tips on exactly what you can do to ensure that your house is fully secured.

Check All Doorways

Doorways are the number one point of egress not only for the owners of a home but also for potential criminals. The most common entry method is simply turning the door handle and pushing. Believe it or not, the most common reason people are broken into is that they left things unlocked.

A lot of common petty criminals will roam from door to door until they find one that is unlocked. Always make sure that every door to the home from the outside is locked before going to bed or going to sleep.

Secure All Windows

The second most common point of egress for potential intruders in a home is the Windows. You want to make sure that the ones upstairs are locked as well. While the first story windows are more common, the target does not underestimate the world.

Stow All Valuables

Even with the best security protocols, it is impossible to fully guarantee an intruder won’t be able to enter the home. You can make it difficult for them to get away with anything of value, though. Lock up anything that would be difficult for you to replace.

Install A Security System

Of course, if you are concerned about the safety of your house, it should be a no brainer to install a security system. These won’t stop a criminal, but they will alert you and the authorities.

Check Your Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Intruders are not the only threat that homeowners face. There are also other potential dangers. A fire or carbon monoxide leak could be even more lethal than an intruder. Always double-check that both the smoke detectors and the carbon monoxide detectors are fully functional.

Upgrade Doors and Windows

If you happen to own a property located in a particularly high-risk area, you could consider upgrading the entry and exit points of your home with steel bar guards. These are steel bars that can be installed to cover up the doors and the windows of your home to make it almost impossible to enter undetected. Storm doors and storm shutters are another steps up, but these are usually reserved for commercial properties as it makes living there a little unwieldy at times.

Install Smart Locks

As stated before, locking your doors and windows is the simplest and most effective way to keep the home secure. If you have a hard time doing it on your own, have it automated by installing smart locks.